Delivery Information

Delivery and costs of delivery

The goods you ordered online will be on the way as soon as possible. If we have goods in stock, they will be dispatched within three working days. Once the order is sent, the buyer is notified by e-mail. In addition to the amount of the purchase, we add the cost of delivery.

Final delivery depends on the postal service provider - usually one to two business days after placing the order. The Post of Slovenia carries out services of delivery.

Goods are delivered within the agreed time. We reserve the right to extend the delivery time, due to technical or other errors in the process. In this case, we commit to inform the client properly. Please let us know if you have not received any notification from our side and the time from the purchase is more than 5 working days.

Delivery Price with VAT
- Package delivery up to 2kg - 3.50 EUR
- Package delivery over 2kg - 5,00 EUR

EU countries:
Delivery Price with VAT
- Package delivery up to 2kg - 14,00 EUR
- Package delivery over 2kg - 20,00 EUR

Delivery Price with VAT
- Package delivery up to 2kg - 50,00 EUR
- Package delivery over 2kg - 85,00 EUR

The ordered products you can pick up in person free of charge at the company headquarters Cooperative ARTmijeMAR z.o.o., so.p, Gosposka ulica 7, Maribor 2000, during the working hours of the shop (working hours are written in the next paragraph). The payment in the store can be made by cash or card.

Products on the online shop ARTmijeMAR indicated as “in stock”, you can also see, try, and buy in our Destination shop ARTmijeMAR (Gosposka cesta 7, Maribor 2000), during the operating hours published on this web page.
Upon receipt of the delivered goods, you will also receive an original invoice with the terms of the sale published on this site and confirmed upon the placement of the order.
The tenderer is not responsible for any delays by the postal service provider or damage of the packaging. The buyer should examine the goods immediately upon receipt, and if there is possible damage, immediately contact the postal service provider, which then, together with the customer, will make a record of the shipment damage.


Orders may be placed in Slovenian, English, or German and are binding for the customer and tenderer.
Products on the web shop are generally in stock, other than those which are clearly indicated. We reserve the right to withdraw from the execution of the order if the ordered product is not in stock or when a technical or any other error occurs, such as in inventory management.
Partial or complete withdrawal from an order may also occur in the event there has been a manifest error in the price list, in finding errors on the product just before the sending of the parcel, or an incorrectly filled order form, such as if it was not completed in accordance with the general terms and conditions. 
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